Learn French in France: French Language Course in Paris and on the French Riviera (Cote d'Azur)
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Teaching method

• Our teachers' qualities: Support, Experience, and Motivation
From their first day onwards, every student receives the highest standard of support from our friendly and professional teaching staff, who will be available for assistance throughout your stay.
The teaching staff is highly-experienced, and specialised in the teaching and learning of French as a foreign language. All possess the academic qualifications which are mandatory in their field to ensure the highest standard of performance.
In addition, the teachers are skilled in providing an atmosphere of active encouragement, which translates into motivation and confidence within the classroom.

• Groups of levels adapted to each individual
Following the Common European Framework of Reference for learning, teaching and assessing French as a foreign language, we place our students in groups based on the levels defined in this framework while taking into account the language needs and learning strategies of each person.

Our ultimate goal is to help you reach a level of fluency where you will be able to communicate efficiently and effectively in French. To achieve this you will need both a strong command of the language and an in-depth understanding of French culture.

• Listening, Conversing, Reading, Writing
To do so, you will practice all four language skills in an authentic communicative environment.
Listening: using authentic audio-visual materials, such as extracts from movies, TV and radio programs and songs.
Engaging in a conversation and speaking fluently: using role-plays, debates, excursions, drama (improvisation exercises, which will give you more confidence, and work on pronunciation, use of gesture and fluency)
Reading: analysing authentic written texts, such as newspaper and magazine articles, professional documents, administrative forms, literature, brochures and leaflets
Writing: a range of writing activities aimed at achieving communicative goals and improving your knowledge of the language

Grammar is taught through language games, simulations, interactive activities, and a variety of communicative exercises.

• Learn French at your own pace
This background in turn, allows students' learning to progress at their own individual rate, within a friendly and captivating atmosphere. Effective teaching tools are used such as:
adapted and modern language teaching material
appropriate pedagogical documents
personalised evaluation of your progress
• Paris teens camp
• Antibes teens camp
• Biarritz teens camp
• Cannes teens camp
• Hyères/Toulon teens camp
• Nice language school
• Provence kids camp
• long programs
• exam preparation
• semester & trimester courses
• learn French half in Antibes & half in Paris
• family learning courses in Antibes
teachers of French
as a foreign language training programs