Learn French in France: French Language Course in Paris and on the French Riviera (Cote d'Azur)
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Levels & tests of French

On the first morning, you will be introducted to the school, the area and the teaching staff, then take a written and oral test, to determine your level of French. On this basis, groups of levels are formed amongst students.
There are several groups of course levels, defined in the Common European Framework for Language Learning:
A1/A2 Elementary course
For students with limited knowledge of French
The course is designed to familiarise each student with everyday French to prepare you to cope with everyday situations. You invited to react to certain simulated situations and are prompted instinctively to express yourself. Part of the course is also given over to acquiring basic elements of grammar.
B1/B2 Intermediary course
For students with a basic knowledge of French
We encourage you to make active use of the skills you already have. The aim of the course is to enable you to develop the automatic responses specific to French, and to refine the expressions of your ideas in French, by learning to construct more complex phrases.
C1/C2 Advanced & Superior courses
For students with a good or very good knowledge of French
You will work on oral skills to enable you to express yourself fluently, and will deal with subjects relating to French culture and civilisation. You will become familiar with idiomatic expressions and the different levels of language. In written work, you will practice analysing and summarising current texts and producing various written documents.

These levels are completed in both schools by intermediate levels, to exactly match the students' needs and to allow them a total confidence in their training and practice, and a constant progression.

  At any time during your stay you will be able to talk to your teachers or to the senior teaching staff (Director of Studies and/or assistants) to discuss your progress and to help you choose the right course for your needs. Depending on your progress and based on your teachers’ assessment of your level, you may change to a higher level during the course.

A 'Certificat de Français' is awarded to each student upon completion of their course. The certificate is an indication of linguistic performance, and is signed by both the Head of Department and the student's teacher. It includes your teachers comments, based on the following:
• the final level reached
• attendance rate
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