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Cannes: The city

Palais des Festivals Port Canto La Croisette Beach front

Cannes at a glance
Along the Mediterranean Sea
15 kms (10 miles) from Antibes, 30 kms from (20 miles) from Nice (international airport)
1.5 hours flight from Paris, Rome, Madrid, Munich and London
6 hours flight from New York and Moscow, 12 hours flight from Tokyo
French small size city (80,000 inhabitants)
10 kms (6 miles) from one end to another
Mostly sunny all year round.
Temperatures vary from 20 to 35°C (70 to 100°F) during the summer and from 5 to 15°C (40 to 60 °F) during the winter. The sea, in the summer, varies between 20 to 25°C (70 to 80°F)
See a 4-day forecast
Cannes has a train station, with regional (Nice, Antibes, Monaco, Grasse, etc...) lines. It also welcomes lines to Italy, Paris and all the European capitals.
Around town, a very well developped bus infrastructure will take you from one place to another for 1 €.

The main attractions in Cannes are its magnificent sandy beaches (public (free) ones), ant its luxurious shopping stores and hotels.
You will find all sorts of restaurants, caffes and snacks around town, serving from a sandwich (2 €) to sophisticated haute cuisine.
Cannes is one of the French most lively cities at night, with casinos, discotheques, restaurants and caffes open all night long, especially during the summer.
One of the main event is of course the International Film Festival in May.


Cannes, jewel in the crown of the Côte d'Azur since the dawn of time, focal point for festivals throughout the world and a cultural melting pot, is located only 10 kms away from Antibes. You couldn't dream of a place more like paradise than Cannes, a town whose eclectic scenery has amazed even then most powerful.

The "femme fatale" of the Riviera, Cannes is the famous city of light and loveliness and home of the Croisette, the Film Festival and the stunning Carlton Hotel. The beach is superb, shopping is amazing and nightlife is fabled - Cannes is internationally acclaimed as one of the most glamorous resorts in the world.

Cannes embodies the sweetly scented nation of a life which everybody dreams of living. It is the sun which first playfully with the azure blue of the sea, before laying down to sleep in the arms of its wooded mountains. It is the harmonious marriage of sparkling colour and light. It's lush vegetation prospers languidly in the idyllic climate. The perfect getaway for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Cannes is the byword for year round enjoyment, which can be found close at hand. A place where culture, shopping, relaxation, sport and leisure meet. Cannes is life at its very best.


The Carlton hotel Man in the Iron Mask jail Le Suquet Palais gardens
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